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The Transylvania Florilegium

Botanical Paintings inspired by one of  Europe's last medieval landscapes.

Watercolour drawings by a the finest botanical artists from around the world, depicting the wildflowers of Transylvania. The collection is now published as a fine-art limited edition in two volumes, hand-bound in leather and marbled paper and finished in gold leaf. The Preface is written by HRH The Prince of Wales who has signed each set. A publication of exceptional quality and artistic achievement.

A Map of Kent

A Survey of the County, first published in 1769

The London bookseller Andrew Dury and the engraver John Andrews set out in 1750 to record a fine new survey of Kent, and published the resulting map on twenty-five sheets as a large bound book in 1769. The generous scale of two inches to the mile enabled them to boast that their extraordinary map showed every road, lane, church, town and village, as well as ‘Noblemen and Gentlemen’s seats, Houses, Gardens, Cottages, and everything remarkable in the County’.

The Highgrove Florilegium

The first British royal Florilegium. Leading botanical artists from around the world were invited to record the flora at Highgrove in Gloucestershire, the private residence of TM King Charles III and Queen Camilla. The project was seven years in the making and each set is signed by HRH The Prince of Wales, now HM King Charles III.

Catesby's Natural History

The first illustrated record of the flora and fauna of North America - Catesby's distinguished masterpiece The Natural History of Carolina, Florida & the Bahama Islands - has been reproduced as a limited edition and was published to mark the 300th anniversary of the arrival in 1712 of naturalist and artist Mark Catesby in the New World.

'Drawn to perfection... A facsimile of an 18th-century work is thought to be the most expensive book published in Britain today... the first major illustrated book on the natural history of the British colonies of North America, whose original is held in the Royal Collection'

Dalya Alberge, The Sunday Times on Catesby's Natural History

'Something as special as The Highgrove Florilegium should surely come along just once or twice in every lifetime'

The Financial Times

'The Book of Kells ‘one of the most important and spectacular illuminated manuscripts in Europe'

The Telegraph

The Transylvania Florilegium ‘ a plethora of meticulous real-size watercolours, this ambitious, limited edition two-volume collection has taken seven years to complete’

The Financial Times - How to Spend It

'The finest botanical artists, however, also achieve an aesthetic quality that lifts the work to a truly artistic level. This is what has been achieved here' 

Christopher Mills on the Transylvania Florilegium

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