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Own a limited edition celebration of European wild flowers

The Transylvania Florilegium is a sumptuous collection of stunning botanical art. It includes a Preface written by HRH The Prince of Wales, now HM King Charles III, who has personally signed each set of books.

Hand Crafted

Hand bound in Leather

Hand-bound in leather and marbled paper, and finished with gold leaf. The Florilegium was created by an expert team of artists, craftsmen and women, botanists and scholars.

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One of Europe's last medieval landscapes

His Majesty saw the importance of raising awareness of this beautiful landscape, rich in meadows, with flora that is extremely rare and vulnerable to changes in farming methods. The Transylvania Florilegium is a means of drawing wider attention to an environment described as ‘one of Europe’s last medieval landscapes’.


Over six years in the making

In a project that took over six years, and has been contributed to by a team of the world’s finest botanical artists, 124 botanical illustrations were completed; the species recorded include campanula, crocus, gentian, geranium, hepatica, hellebore, iris and orchids.

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Traditional Craftsmanship


The traditional processes and modern technology are brought together in this museum-quality publication.

His Majesty, who has written the Preface, kindly agreed to sign each set.  The edition is limited to 150 hand-numbered copies.

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